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 1 Endgame Wizard Guide

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This is not a guide on how to level your wizard, the best places to grind, what skills you should level, or what cultivation you should choose. This is a guide written for level 100+ Wizards with the intent to help you correctly play your wizard endgame, which means PvP (Group and 1v1), Delta (the only endgame PvE instance you're really useful for) and most importantly, TW.

====Gearing and You====
First and foremost, if you're an LA wiz I need you to gtfo. Like right now. By now you should know that the returns from the additional phys defense and crit % you get from LA doesn't even begin to compare to the magic attack you're sacrificing. And if you're an HA wiz then you need to start uninstalling.

So you're an AA wiz. Good job. The first thing you need to do is get rank 8. If you have nirvana from an old character, that's fine. But if you're a new wizard, then r8 is definitely the way to go. It's stronger than Nirvana and much cheaper, so why not?
Aside from r8, you should also get tt99 sleeves/boots. Necklace of Giant Strength and Guard of Thundershock are both affordable and good ornaments. If you can splurge then go for a Puzzle Necklace and a Warsong Belt. The helm and cape are up to you. Warsoul of Heaven and Cape of Elite Leather are both affordable and good options.

As for sharding; You should exclusively use citrines. You can shard one piece of armor with garnetts if you absolutely can not control yourself. The reason that you need to shard with citrines is because all the physical defense you'll need comes from your ornaments. The problem is, physical defense suffers from diminishing returns. Yes, sharding with garnetts on 1 piece of a armor might give an extra 500 phys def, but that might only equate to +1% phys defense. The beauty of citrines, is that there is no diminishing returns. You may add as many as you please, and your hp will just keep rising.
Now of course there are exceptions to every rule. If you want to see for yourself if you're such an exception, then take a look at this socket calculator -brought to you by Asterelle

Now let's talk about refining. You must have +5 gear/ornys and a +10 wep if you want to be a factor in PvP and TW. If you don't want to be a factor in PvP or TW, then you're playing the wrong class and must be a masochist.
*Note: you should aim to eventually +10 your orns. +5 is a good start, but phys defense is invaluable to wizzies.

This is probably the cheapest, yet still effective, option you can go with-


Adroit has been kind enough to write a genie guide that would shame any mediocre genie guide I could slap together in this subsection, so I'll just link you to it. Also make sure to read through a couple pages of it, has some pretty interesting information.
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1 Endgame Wizard Guide
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