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 PvP Guide for Barbs

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MesajKonu: PvP Guide for Barbs    PvP Guide for Barbs  EmptySalı Ocak 29, 2013 3:58 am

A post was recently made by omegai asking for a PvP guide. Since no one else had knowledge of one, a couple of us tried to give some advice. So, I am going to try to make one now for all to see, and possibly get stickied once it has been refined to be a decent guide.

Okay this is one that I posted for my Guild Forum and edited; taking in points from other players and censoring.

FIRST OFF: Always have Beastial Rage activated. The chi gain and the magic shield really helps in a tight spot.

-Blood Bath is a good thing to use for High Dex classes. Mighty swing is your friend when fighting high dex classes. 100% accuracy come in real handy. Another skill to spam while Mighty Swing is in cool down is Bestial Onslaught, which lowers evasion.

-A good thing to use on AA users is True Emptiness (genie skill that deals loads of damage to AA users), especially in the air seeing how it does 3x the damage in the air.

-79+ Violent Triumph is a good skill to use to avoid stuns/movement debuffs. When trying to keep someone stunned, use mighty swing for its stun, and right before its stun wears off, use Untamed Wrath. The 1 second stun by itself sucks, but that 1 second will give you enough time to use Mighty swing again.

-Invoke is a good thing to use if the person you are fighting isn't going to run off, or if you are getting ganked.

-Devour/Penetrate armor is always a good thing to use to lower defense, making you hit harder.

-For casters, use Alacrity to cancel if you are in tiger form, or Mighty Swing/ Untamed Wrath to stun them, canceling their skill.


BMs are a tough one though, they have a good amount of phys. defense and deal a good bit of damage also. They love to keep me stun locked. So a fight between a bm and a barb is 50/50, just depends on skill. If you are 79+ try to use Violent Triumph. It will make you immune to their stuns for 10 seconds, but has a 60 second cooldown. So use it wisely.

Wizzies are usually another one of those harder classes to kill for barbs. If I'm at any distance, I have on hard time getting to them (due to their slow, stun, freeze skills). This is another time you would use Violent Triumph to get close the them.

Sins are easy unless they get the first hit and keep me stunned, or are simply really high APS and kill me before I can stun them. Try to get the first hit off with Mighty Swing and hope you stun them. If one of those sneaky sins try to go stealth on you and you are 79+, use your Untamed Wrath skill on something nearby. It will unstealth them if they are within range. <<very useful.

Psychics just make sure you watch for their Soul Burn and their skill that makes them immune to physical damage. I just use Absolute Domain (genie skill making me immune to damage for 3 secs) and Beastial Rage and kill them. They deal a great deal of damage, but are very squishy.

Archers are another weird class to fight. They love to stun/freeze me then run away and attack me more. I try to run the opposite way so they have to run towards me, then flip a 180 and charge them and turn on Untamed Wrath so I can get close enough to kill em. Try to stun/freeze them and kill them in 3-5 hits.

Clerics I would suggest you try to stun them first, because if they seal you or stack Iron Heart then it will be difficult to kill them quickly.

Barbs are pretty much the same as Bms. Just gotta fight it out, use good choices with skills/buffs (i.e. blood bath). Barb vs. Barb= lots of charm ticks and a long fight. Not a lot of advice to give on this one. Just keep pounding until you kill them.

Venos have gotten a little harder to kill. Most have learned to use Bramble Guard and pull out their nix and just keep running, letting their nix bleed me to death. Their bramble lets me kill myself while I'm hitting them. Best thing to do is use True Emptiness again and try to one shot them, if they are AA. If you are unable to do so, then use Untamed Wrath to stun them and their pet. It doesn't last but 1 second, but that will inturrupt everything they are doing. Making the veno an easy target for quick attacks and stops their nix from bleeding you. Until the recover that is. If the veno pulls out a pet that does phys damage, ignore it. You can kill the veno before the pet gets you.

--Most of this guide I am assuming no charm. If they have a charm, use the same general technique; just try to use regular or low skills until their charm ticks then pull out your big guns. A big gun to use is your Armageddon skill. Use this as a ending attack only! Unless you are absolutely sure you can 1 shot them or kill them before they realize what happened. A good way to get more damage out of Armageddon is to use Tree of Protection on your genie, wait one second for your hp to jump up, then use Armageddon. The damage is tremendous.

1) Genies built correctly makes life easier. I personally don't have a genie built just for PvP as of now (I can't get one to build up with decent LP), but Tree of Protection is simply awesome to have for any situation. ToP is probably my most used skill when I'm in a tight spot. I use Holy Path all the time also. I use that to catch up to Kiters or just to get a jump on my opponent. Occult Ice is another good one to have, since it has a chance to Freeze your enemies. This will also help with those pesky little Kiters. Tangling Mire can also change the direction of a fight by lowering your opponents defense. True Emptiness amazes me sometimes. If you build your genie's stats right, you can one hit AA users, especially if they are in the air. Solid Shield seems to be a quite popular skill also, it is like a mini Invoke. It can save lives.

2) Apothecary items are another good thing to use. Accuracy pots will come in very handy with high dex classes, or simply if you have very low accuracy (as I do, being a pure Tank/Vit Barb). For healing, I tend to use Crab Meat, which heals I think 3000 hp over like 10 seconds. These are can be attained through the PW Boutique Agent, it takes 9 tokens for 50 Crab Meat. Not a bad deal. For MP, I just use either large or Condensed Mana potions, because those can pretty much fill up my MP bar (Barbs rarely add any magic, so our MP stays quite low). I know some Barbs who use Herbs that give 5000 mp for 10 seconds if they are going to be spamming skills. The Herbs also can be traded at the Boutique Agent for tokens, they only take three tokens for 50 if I'm not mistaken.

3) Sharding your gear, I'd say shard all your amour with either Citrines for HP or Garnets for Physical Defense. I personally Shard everything with Citrines, but as I said before, I am a Pure Tank/Vit Barb (I am just supposed to be a meat shield :D)... Garnets can also be very useful when fighting other melee classes. Some have suggested sharding for Magic Defense, since Barbs naturally have high pdef and HP and you can attain more HP by refining your armour. This is a little unorthodox, but I can see how it would be very useful, both for PvP and PvE.

4) Sharding weapons, I shard using Ambers for accuracy. The most annoying thing in the world is when your opponent is almost dead, you miss, and they crit you and you die. Plus missing on Armageddon always sucks. Some say to add a Garnet to your weapon, but I wouldn't suggest it. That extra damage can be attained by refining your weapon.

Hope this helps everyone out! Now go out there and create some chaos!

Please feel free to leave positive/productive input. Derogatory statements help no one. Thanks!

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PvP Guide for Barbs
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