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 1 The Guide to Wizardry

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MesajKonu: 1 The Guide to Wizardry   1 The Guide to Wizardry EmptySalı Ocak 15, 2013 3:42 am

Note: Yes, I am attempting to write a guide again. Although this time, I've learned my lessons and will not attempt to write a troll guide or anything. Newbie wizards are kept in mind this time.

Chapter 1: Starting up

First of all, hi! I'm AsimM, fellow wizard, who's gonna be informing you of the many aspects of a wizard, up to date. I've decided not to make my guide look as pretty as the other, because I can't. And it'll save me some time.

Now that the prologue is out of the way, go ahead and click yes on wizard. Make sure you customize it exactly the way you want it, for you're going to be stuck with it for a while, if you want him to be pro. If you make him like Arnold Schwarznegger, I'll give you a cookie.

Chapter 2: The Builds

The basic attributes:

Strength: Increases base physical attack, and increases physical defense. Wizards need this in small quantities to equip their armor.

Dexterity: Increases physical attack (For archers and assassins), increases evasion and accuracy. It does other stuff, but this is only required for LA build. See below.

Magic: Increases mana pool (mp), speeds up mana recovery, increases base magic attack, and increases magic defense. We need this a lot. See Int build below.

Vitality: Increases health points (by 10 for us), speeds up (HP) recovery. See below.

Pure: Full Intelligence build

Every 2 levels, add 9 magic points, and 1 strength point. Simple enough. This will insure you'll be able to wear up-to-date Arcane Armor (AA) and hit hard towards endgame. This is my prefered build, because of the new rank gear, which tends to make a difference in your magic attack between this build and the next one, Light Armor. (LA)

Light Armor Build

Your strength and dexterity (str and dex) will be (Your Level) +4. So if you're Lvl 21, your strength and dexterity should be at...25! Basically, it's 1 str, 1 dex, and 3 magic every level. I know, I'm good at math. You'll need the magic points to equip the magic weapon of your level. And the str and dex is for the...armor. Self explanatory. In my opinion, this is a cockroach away from being the best build out there. If you decide to go this build, you'll have slightly improved survivability and slightly elevated hp from refines (~20-25%, thanks Adroit). Also, at the lower levels, your damage won't be reduced that much from not dumping those points into magic. I do not recommend this build endgame, for the reduce in damage is NOT worth the slightly improved survivability.

Heavy Armor Build

Do I even have to discuss this? Go into the barbarian guides if you want the (HA) Build. Good luck.

Hybrid Build

This is basically....7 magic, 2 vitality (Increases HP), 1 strength every 2 levels. I do NOT recommend this build, wizards have the one of the lowest HP modifiers with vit in the game. A whopping 10 vitality per point. Barbarians get about 17hp, so just...use the 2 points for magic. This build is acceptable in the lower levels for slightly improved survivability, but I don't recommend it for endgame, again.

Last minute opinions: I believe you should pay attention more to the Full Int. build if you're going for endgame. If not, enjoy yourself with HA and LA builds. Fun stuff.

Chapter 2.5: The gear (weapons)

Well, assuming that you went either the AA (Arcane armor) or LA (Light armor) builds, here's the types of weapons you should be using through your wizardly career. But first, here are the types of magical weapons:

Magic sword: The most balanced type, it has medium-high magic. The wizards SHOULD be using these.

Glaive: The cleric's preference, it has mediumlow-high damage. A bit more spread apart from ours.

Pakata: The veno's preference, it has low-high damage, the most spread apart. Avoid this whenever you can, but it's not bad if you use it.

Wand: Just a regular magic weapon that does medium-mediumhigh damage. It's our second priority after magic swords. Not bad to use.

Now gearwise.

1-~21: Quest reward weapons (Stick with whatever they give you, it's better than NPC gear for now.

22-59: Well if you're decently rich at this point, use legendary weapons, the first one being Mirage Sword @ Lvl 22. Legendary weapons are usually better than NPC or quest gear. If you're not so rich, use quest gear and 3* gear. 3* gear is basically NPC gear but with it's stats raised a bit more than NPC gear.

60-99:: At this point start thinking about TT (Twilight Temple) runs for gear. This is significantly better than normal gear, so look into your in-game encyclopedia (near your mini-map) for more information on what materials you need to craft it. The first one (at Lvl 60) is a weapon called Ancient Arbor.

100-105: Now that you're endgame, you've got a lot of choices. You can go the R8/TT99/Nirvana route, which is the best (and most affordable option). You can also go R9 if you're richer than the rest. Warsoul weapons are too expensive for now, stick with R9. For more info on endgame gear, go to DaKillanator's guide. Kthxbai.

Chapter 3: The skills


I will group them by levels, not skill elements. Enjoy! I will also include sage/demon path modifiers.

Level 1

1) Pyrogram: The starter skill. Does a good amount of damage. Priority to level up: ASAP

Sage(Winner): You gain a 20% chance to gain 30 chi on a successful hit.
Demon: Reduces channeling time to 1.2 seconds.

Sage wins, because the channeling reduce time isn't that good, and chi is always good right?

Level 3 (It gets slower)

1) Gush: Pyrogram's sister. Also does good damage and slows the enemy. Priority: ASAP

Sage(Winner): Increases slow chance by 5% and duration by 1 second.
Demon: Does 600 more damage. I lol'd.

Sage wins, since 600 damage is basically less then our base physical attack. So slowing effects wins.

Level 6

1) Stone rain: Slower casting spell that does more damage than Pyrogram and Gush. Priority: ASAP

Sage: Reduces channeling time to 1.6 seconds.
Demon(Winner): Gives 20% chances to stun for 5 seconds.

A 5 second stun? I believe it wins, 5 seconds is almost as long as a Blademaster's stun. And that's good right? Demon wins.

Level 9

1) Pyroshell: A self-buff that increases fire resistance and hp recovery. Priority: When you can.

Sage(Winner): Increases fire resistances to 150% instead of 120%
Demon: Increases hp regeneration a little bit more.

Both are decent at best, but sage wins

2) Glacial Embrace: A self-buff that increases water resistance and mana recovery rate. Priority: When you can.

Sage(Winner): Increases water resistance by 150% instead of 120%.
Demon: Increases mp recovery a bit more.

Both are decent, but sage wins again.

3) Stone Barrier: A self-buff that increases earth resistances and physical defense. Priority: ASAP.

Sage: Increases earth resistances to 150%
Demon(Winner): Increases physical defense to 150%.

Demon wins because of the physical defense modifier. It takes priority over sage unless you're LA.
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1 The Guide to Wizardry
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