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 Ring Engraving Guide

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MesajKonu: Ring Engraving Guide   Ring Engraving Guide EmptyPaz Ara. 09, 2012 8:20 pm

Ring Engraving is a way to add a random effect to your ring. This effect may be anything from +1 physical attack to something actually useful like +dexterity or +hp. You are only allowed to have 1 engravement bonus per ring (unless stated otherwise) and rank rings are also eligible for engravement.

Amulet Carving is a new feature added in the Sirens of War expansion (version 676). Information regarding this feature can be found below, in the section labeled 'Amulet Carving'.

Getting started:

First find the nearest 'Jewelcraftsman' NPC in Archosaur or any city. Select 'Ring Engraving'. A list will show up where you may choose the level of engraving you wish to place on a ring. You may view the random stat adds while hovering over each level or in the links below.

To engrave a ring you will need several materials which will be covered below. Keep in mind, each engravement is random and you are able to re-engrave rings, but it will overwrite the old engravement.

Example: You engrave a ring with +20 Physical attack. You re-engrave and lose that +20 physical attack and now you have +6 strength. You can then re-engrave over that +6 strength and you could get something like +metal resistance. It is totally random. It may take you several tries to get that +stat you want. The upside to this is that engraving is not a one time thing, making engraving very similar to refinement.

Materials needed:

Two materials needed are the commonly found Perfect Stone and Mirage Celestone. They can be purchased from various catshops, AH or farmed in several instances (Perfect Stones from chests at the end of FC; Mirages from Fairy Boxes in TT).

There are also three new materials that are needed to engrave a ring. One is Spectral Polish which is obtainable from any Jewelcraftsman NPC for the price of 10,500 coins. Another is Uncanny Ore which is obtainable with tokens through trade with a PW boutique agent (right next to hyper stones). 15 tokens gives you 3 ores. As of patch 560 Uncanny Ore is unable to be traded. The best way to make use of excess ore would be to engrave another ring. The third material needed for levels 8 and 9 of engravement is Ancient Emblem. Information regarding that shall be listed below.

Keep in mind, engraving levels 1 through 6 are available at any Jewelcraftsman NPC in Archosaur.
As of patch version 589 engravement is now available at all Jewelcraftsman NPCs.

Ring Engraving material requirements (Click the engraving links to view possible stat adds):

Engraving 1: Requires a lvl 3+ ring

1 Perfect Stone
1 Spectral Polish

Engraving 2: Requires a lvl 4+ ring

5 Perfect Stones
2 Spectral Polish

Engraving 3: requires a lvl 5+ ring

1 Mirage Celestone
3 Spectral Polish

Engraving 4: requires a lvl 9+ ring

1 Mirage Celestone
5 Spectral Polish
1 Uncanny Ore

Engraving 5: requires a lvl 10+ ring

1 Mirage Celestone
10 Spectral Polish
3 Uncanny Ore

Engraving 6: requires a lvl 11+ ring

1 Mirage Celestone
25 Spectral Polish
6 Uncanny Ore

Engraving 8 and 9 are available at the Forges located near Faction Base Entrance in (East) Archosaur. These levels require a new item called Ancient Emblems. They are attainable from Cosmos packs. Level 9 has a 95% chance of giving 1 stat and a 5% chance of giving 2 stats.

Engraving 8 (Superb): requires a lvl 11+ ring

1 Mirage Celestone
15 Uncanny Ore
1 Ancient Emblem

Engraving 9 (Immaculate): requires a lvl 11+ ring

1 Mirage Celestone
30 Uncanny Ore
3 Ancient Emblem

Amulet Carving

As of patch 676, Sirens of War expansion has added Amulet Carving to our +stat adding needs. This type of Engravement is not for rings, but instead for necklaces. You can find this new feature at the 'Contemplation Forge' in the North District of Archosaur (549, 675). Select 'Amulet Carving' from the forge to begin. First let us cover the new materials required for this feature:

Materials needed:

Spectral Polish and Uncanny Ore are materials you should be familiar with (described above). The two new materials are Supply Tokens and Seals of War.

Supply Tokens are obtainable through the new Nation Wars feature which is a capture the flag like pvp instance implemented with the last patch. The event takes place at 20:20-22:20 server time and more information on it can be obtained here.

Seals of War are crafted at the 'Contemplation Forge' from Supply Tokens. To craft one Seal of War you will need 50 Supply Tokens and 1,312,500 coin (1.32mil). Now that the costs are out of the way we can look to the mats and stats :D

Amulet Carving material requirements (click the carving links for possible stat adds):

Raw Jade: Self Cultivation (7) (randomly adds 1 stat) requires lvl 11+ neck

10 Spectral Polish
10 Uncanny Ore
14 Supply Tokens

Raw Jade: Family Management (8) (randomly adds 2 stats) requires lvl 12+ neck

100 Spectral Polish
100 Uncanny Ore
40 Supply Tokens
2 Seals of War

Raw Jade: Country Ruler (9) (randomly adds 3 stats) requires lvl 14+ neck

500 Spectral Polish
500 Uncanny Ore
200 Supply Tokens
10 Seals of War

Pwdatabase link w/ the % chances for each add on. Amulet Carving is mistakenly labelled engraving at the bottom.

Author note:

Hope this is helpful. Enjoy your engraving! ;D

Update: 11/27, I have added information about Amulet Carving from the new expansion.

Special thanks:

to Asterelle, as usual.

to WangZi and badazmofo from DW server.

Tempest, Dynasty and the rest of Dramaweaver for making PWI fun again.

The archer forum

Special thanks to PWI development team for turning my once peaceful afk area of North arch into a mass dc area of doom. <3

And Thanks to players like you for using my guide. Hope it has been helpful, see you on Dramaweaver.

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Ring Engraving Guide
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