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 1 [Guide] Barbarian builds & tips

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MesajKonu: 1 [Guide] Barbarian builds & tips   1 [Guide] Barbarian builds & tips EmptySalı Ocak 29, 2013 3:47 am

Hi everyone, thought I'd post a guide I made for the guild I'm in (Radiance) while researching the Barbarian class (which I play in PWi open beta).
Feel free to give any comments, questions, or any additions. The main reason I posted this guide is so that I can get feedback to improve it :D.
I'll update this if you have anything good to add

Table of Contents:

I. Pros and Cons
II. Attributes
-A. How each stat affects your other attributes
-B. How much Strength, Dexterity, Vitality, and Magic does a Barbarian need?
III. Main Stat Builds
-A. Str-Based Damage Dealer
-B. Hybrid
-C. Tanker (Recommended Build)
IV. Equipment
-A. Accuracy Rings and Soul Gems
-B. Gear Requirements for Dual Axes and Heavy Armor
V. Skills
-A. Which Skills to Learn
-B. Sage or Demon Path at level 89?
-C. Tips on Using Skills
----1. Tanking
----2. Training
----3. PVPing
VI. Additional Tips - Read if you dare!
-A. In-depth guide to Tanking - a Barbarian's #1 role in PVE
-B. Tanking Magic Bosses - Use Alacrity of the Beast To Cancel Their Ultimate Attack

Background Info:
Barbarians (also known as Werebeasts in other versions)
Gender: Male
Attack Type/Range: Physical/Close Range
Specializes in: axes and hammers
Parties need you for: tanking. DO NOT play this class if you’re looking for a melee damage dealer but don’t like tanking. Be a Blademaster instead

Go here for skill descriptions

Barbarian/Werebeast Guides I used so far:
Teichen's Hybrid WB Guide [focus on Armageddon dmg] – looks more like a tank build IMO though
IamNobita's Path to the Ultimate WEREBEAST – focuses on which skills to max first
xkwisite's Tanker Barbarian Guide - about the usage of skills and being in a party

I. Pros and Cons really depend on your build/gear, but here are the overall assumptions.
High HP
High HP Recovery Rate
Good Physical Defense
Skills to help keep aggro/hate of monsters
Best Tank / Wanted in Parties
Catapult Pullers = Essential in Territory Wars
Great damage at endgame
Low accuracy(due to low DEX in most builds. Can be solved at later levels with the skill Blood Bath, as well as +50% accuracy rings (Lv. 77?))
Low damage in the beginning/mid levels
Low Magic Defense
High repair cost
High potion/charm cost
Requires patience. Many give up before reaching lv 89+ due to high costs & other classes excelling more in terms of damage. (Barbarians rock at endgame though)

II. Attributes

A. How each stat affects your other attributes
Strength (+4 Str adds +1 DEF; +6 Str adds +4 DEF)
increases attack power for melee weapon
increases physical defense
Armor stat requirement: Usually 0.5 STR every level for magic robes, 1 STR for light armors, and 2.5 STR for heavy armors.

Dexterity (+1 Dex = Accuracy +8 and Evasion +8)
increases attack power for range weapon
increases evasion
increases accuracy
increases critical hit rate (Every 20 DEX gives 1% more critical hit rate)
Armor stat requirement: Usually 1 DEX every level for light armors, 0.5 DEX for heavy armors, and of course 0 for magic robes.

Vitality (+1 Vit = Max HP +17)
increases physical defense
increases magic defense
increases HP
increases HP regeneration rate (NOTE: HP regen is reduced by 75% when in combat mode)

Magic (+1 Mag = Max MP +7)
increases magic attack power
increases magic defense
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1 [Guide] Barbarian builds & tips
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