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  1 Newbie's Guide to Archer-ism!

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MesajKonu: 1 Newbie's Guide to Archer-ism!    1 Newbie's Guide to Archer-ism! EmptySalı Ocak 15, 2013 3:26 am

Note: Sorry, classes have started for me again and I've been busy for the last couple weeks. I'll get around to updating some more once my schedule has settled down.

The main purpose for this guide is to help new players looking to take the path of the Archer. I haven't really seen an organized one here, so I decided to try and help out some new players! If you have any suggestions or problems, post it here and/or send me a PM, as I'll be more likely to see it. If you want to flame it, feel free to do that as well

P.S. I more or less stole the format from a guide on the WR forums

Note: It won't be finished for a while most likely, so its a continuous WIP!

So, with that finished, on to the guide:

Hello and welcome to my newbie guide! If you're reading this, that means you're most likely looking for information/advice on starting or improving your Archer. This guide should provide you with the basic knowledge to get that done. If you didn't find something you were looking for, reply to the topic or send me a PM and I will try to answer it and add it to the guide if it is a common question.

Basic Archer Description

Archers are of the Elven race and are DDs (damage dealers) that specialize in ranged physical damage. They stand in the back or fly in the air and take out whatever they can quickly and smoothly before being taken down themselves. Due to this nature, Archers are prone to have relatively little HP, high attack power, high critical rate, and high dodge rate.

Archers are given a choice of 3 types of ranged weapons: Bow, Crossbow, Slingshot. Each has certain attributes that make them unique and I will discuss those later in the guide.

Archers are very interesting and versatile! We are one of the top damage dealing classes in the game, alongside Mages. The lower-mid levels can be a little troublesome with low HP and lacking stuns/slows, combined with the fact that we do half damage at close range, but it gets better. However, many upcoming Archers may give up early because they seem weak. Archers don't truly shine until 80+, or at least 70+, when gear, and most importantly, crit rate, starts to get better. So if you're looking for an easy ride all the way through, Archer may not be for you! Archers have the power to take out squishy targets quickly with our excellent range and spike damage. They also have metal-based magical attacks that are very useful for Heavy Armored, low Magical Defense classes (WR and WB). After reading this, if the Archer class interests you, then continue reading!

How to Build Your Archer


There's really only 1 build I recommend as an Archer, and its "Pure Dex." That means you put enough Strength to wear the latest Light Armor, then the rest into Dex. This means you want (Your Level + 4) Strength, and every other point into Dex. That means you can do 1Str/4Dex every level, or you can pump Dex until you reach the level of a new armor you want, and add the missing Strength. Note: Its never a good idea to buy armor from vendors Also, if you're close to a new critical % marker, it may be worth it to place extra points in Dex as well. Critical is 1% every 20 Dex.

The levels of new armors are:
_0 - Chest
_3 - Leggings
_4 - Arm
_6 - Feet

I don't believe placing points into Vit is worth it. Archers get 13 (I believe) HP for each point. Archers are "glass cannons" of sorts, meaning they are meant to deal as much damage as possible before anyone can hit them. This means you need as much attack power/critical % as possible. You get enough HP to survive from +'ing armor and using HP shards. +'ing armor involves using Mirage Celestones, which you can read about in other guides or find out about in game. HP shards are gems that have stats, in this case +HP, which you can place into equipment.

Equipment can have from 2-4 sockets each. You armor can also have a little glow, color is dependent on the shard you use, if you fill it with the exact same type of shards of average quality or better.

NEVER add points into Mag however. It will not be worth it at all.


In the early levels, you'll generally use whatever weapon you can find until level 19/20 when you can complete and equip the FB19 Crossbow. This bow should last you into your 30s. Once you get higher up however, you get some choices between Bows, Crossbows, and Slingshots. To me personally, the Bow is the most aesthetically pleasing.

Bows: Bows are basically the middle of the pack. Moderate average damage, moderate attack speed, moderate low-end and high-end damage. Bows use Arrow type ammunition. i.e. Phoenix Tail Arrow
Crossbows: Crossbows have the highest top-end, lowest low-end, and slowest attack speed. Note: Attack speed doesn't matter when using skills, so that's something to keep in mind. Crossbows use Bolt type ammunition. i.e. Bone Bolt
Slingshots: Slingshots have the highest low-end damage, lowest high-end damage, and fastest attack speed. I don't like the look of them, but they are very good for every day grinding. Slingshots use Shot type ammunition. i.e. Pulse Shot

So whatever weapon you use is up to you. I find Slingshots are the best choice for PvE grinding, simply because of the fast attack speed and consistent good damage. PvP choice will depend on how you choose to play your Archer.

Another note on ammunition: I just use the level 1 type for ammunition when grinding. I really didn't think the massive increase in cost was worth the benefit in damage increase. In PvP, that may be another issue however. But for starters, I'd recommend sticking with level 1 and whatever you get as a drop.

Ammunition can be purchased from any Blacksmith in town. It can also be crafted with the Craft skill at a Craftsman, but I don't recommend this as the cost far outweighs the benefits.
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1 Newbie's Guide to Archer-ism!
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