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  Nation Wars - Noobie guide

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MesajKonu: Nation Wars - Noobie guide   Paz Ara. 09, 2012 8:16 pm

Guide is still being updated. If you have any additional information, questions ro corrections feel free to post.

How to enter

At 8:15pm (server time) every Friday and Sunday Overseer Aeban spawns near Deputy Drakh in all main cities. He gives you a quest item and at 8:20 you can talk to him again to enter the battle field. You will be randomly assigned to one of the 4 nations (frost, flame, darkness, light).

::: Squads will be assigned to the same nations. Note that only leader has to "Join the battle" when everyone has their pass.

You spawn in your nation's base in the safe zone. Each territory has a save zone map, and a battle-field.

Ready to battle?

If you press M a so called strategic map will show up. It shows all territories nations own, where are the battles and how many people there are if you hoover over a certain part. Map also allows you to move to the selected battle-field.

::: Blue marked territories just ended a war. They can't be attacked for next 3 min.

You can attack all the territories that are in contact with the land your nation owns, unless there is a battle blocking your way. To attack one or join the existing battle, click on the territory and a purple line will show your path along with the yellow icon showing where you are traveling (see the image above). You can stop on any territory on the way and continue your path from there. The time needed to travel depends on how far you go.

* B3, H1, F8, A7... Having troubles coordinating? Here is a map that may help you with that.

::: There can me maximum of 20 players of each side per territory.

On the battle-field

If you are the attacker you get red name and red spawn point, if you are the defender you get blue. Each battle has 25min time limit and you are free to leave it at any time. Note that if you leave, you are spawned on the base territory where you first began.
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Nation Wars - Noobie guide
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