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 1 Demon/Sage Cleric Skills Spreadsheet

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MesajKonu: 1 Demon/Sage Cleric Skills Spreadsheet   Salı Ocak 15, 2013 3:37 am

Hey everyone,

Have you ever noticed how hard it was to compare the demon/sage skills in
It must have been pretty hard to look back and back and compare them forever.
Well, thats what happened with me.

So I made a spreadsheet with all the skills!
Its on Google docs so anybody can view it.
You can import it or save a copy for yourself and edit in your own stuff.

All credits go to for the information in the spreadsheet.

This is for all of you new level 89s' or anybody else in general.



P.S. Comments, suggestions, and criticism is accepted. Please post here :)

Edit (19 October 2010):
Gosh, for one, I'm thankful for Frankie stickying this.
I had pretty much given up of this being stickied.
I have added a newer version of the spreadsheet that is color coded (requested by RedsRose)
Hope that helps you guys more too!

I'll be working on a new one additionally that goes by levels too :)
Thank you guys for all the continuous support


- Demon/Sage Skill Spreadsheet

NEW - Demon/Sage Skill Spreadsheet Color Coded

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1 Demon/Sage Cleric Skills Spreadsheet
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