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 1 Cleric Training: A guide for clerics from a clerics perspective.

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MesajKonu: 1 Cleric Training: A guide for clerics from a clerics perspective.   Salı Ocak 15, 2013 3:34 am

A Cleric’s Guide: Told From the Perspective of Several cleric’s. *Updated*


General Overview
-Pure Arcane
-Purish/Vitality Arcane
-Light Armor
Gear Progression
Cleric Skills
Mobs that you Encounter
-Squadplay Outside of Instances
-Squadplay Inside of Instances
-Heal Aggro
-Buffing and Rebuffing the Party
-Standing up for yourself
-Getting Unwanted Aggro-What to do
-Be Prepared
Instance Runs
Grinding Potential
-Advise on Grinding from other players.
Genie Skills for Clerics
Healing difficulties
-Heavy Armor/Tanks
-Light Armor Class
-Arcane Armor Class
Keeping up as a cleric
Healing with other clerics
Clerics in PVP/TW
Apoth for Clerics
Meditating as a Cleric
Certain Cleric Bugs/Glitches


Hello. This is a guide to give players who may have questions or uncertainties a few answers that they may be looking for. Several other cleric players have contributed to this guide, and offered their insight as well. Theirs may not necessarily be the same as mines, but it is valuable information, and may be worth considering, which is why I have noted them in the guide. These players have been quoted, and are giving their insight to also give you, the player a better insight into playing the role of a cleric. To all experienced clerics...If you have something that you would like to add, please feel free to do it, but please do so in a respective manner. I'd appreciate it this thread was a troll free one. That said, I'll begin.

I am a cleric that is speaking from a PVE aspect, and not a PVP one. I also have not engaged in TW, so I cannot speak from that standpoint. This is my guide from the sight of a PVE cleric, so please understand if I did not answer any questions that you may have about PVP or TW. (I did try to add a pvp section with links to it, as well as useful information from other clerics that have engaged in it, but note that I do not specialize in either of those two categories, so therefore I personally cannot speak on it.

Clerics are a healing/support class with DD capabilities. Clerics are fairly good levelers, and if played right, they can be a fun class. They are typically the primary healer in a squad, and are often the backbone of the squad. Normally if a squad loses its cleric, the entire squad is known to wipe.

Adv. of a cleric:

High Magic attack. (Not as high as a wizard, psy, or mystic, but still pretty hard hitting.)
High Magic defense.
Best Heals in the game.
The ability to purify negative statuses.
Flight from level 1.
Does not require epic gear later on.
Easy to get into squads throughout the game (mostly).
Well liked and wanted in parties.
Easy to make friends.
Easy to get into factions.
Best overall buffs in the game.
Lots of pdef shields.
High Mp regen.
Fast Channeling Rate.
Has physical and magical attacks.
Strong AOE grinding potential on wood poison mobs.

Of course, every class comes with its set of disadvantages, and clerics are no exception.

Disadv. of clerics.

Low HP.
Low Pdef.
Low Running speed.
Difficult to get enough hp to not be a one shot for certain attacks later on.
Low HP regen.
Heavy Responsiblity in the squad. (They can easily tell when and if you screw up.)
Dealing with cleric bashers.

Ok, so we've established what a cleric is, and what their advantages and disadvantages are. So the next thing that we're going to discuss is stats.

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1 Cleric Training: A guide for clerics from a clerics perspective.
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