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 Genie Affinity Calculator

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MesajKonu: Genie Affinity Calculator   Genie Affinity Calculator EmptySalı Ocak 15, 2013 3:14 am

Hey all I've been playing with my genie build recently but found it annoying keeping track of affinity requirements while swapping around skills. I made a quick tool to help me keep track of the genie builds I was interested in and have recently made the interface good enough for others to use:

Genie Affinity Calculator

Just select the genie skills you are interested in and it will automatically show you what level genie you need and how many lucky points are required. This should help you plan how to allocate affinity points for skills you are interested in.

Let me know if you spot any errors and feel free to leave feedback here. Enjoy!


-Sorted genie list alphabetically
-Fixed error in lucky point calculation
-Added the ability to bookmark / link to specific genie builds:
2010-10-14 - added new skill grid for selecting genie skills (bookmarks need to be remade)
2010-10-18 - added support for Initial Skills
2010-11-07 - fixed tooltips in Firefox.. currently supported browsers are Firefox, Chrome, Safari
2011-05-44 - new web host
2011-07-13 - allows user to enter genie level and lucky points
2011-07-20 - filter skills by class and terrain
2011-08-10 - added skill descriptions (adapted from ecatomb)
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Genie Affinity Calculator
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